Made a Few Tweaks

What’s up, guys?

It’s been a minute since I’ve done anything DJ Stylee-related, but here we are. I’ve made a few tweaks to this site so it looks somewhat professional and reflects what I’m up to now days. I could easily make the site look legit, but since I’m not actively seeking gigs I don’t think it’s worth the time or the money. We’ll see if my mindset changes, but I’m pretty set in my ways as a Content Marketer/Sports Journalist.

I’m like thisclose to being fully retired, but if you have any gigs you think I’d be interested in, shoot them my way. I would need plenty of lead time since I don’t actively keep my library up to date and I’d prefer if the gig didn’t require me to haul my speakers over to the venue. I’m getting old guys. Haha.

I’m currently on a week-long vacation, so we’ll see if I can sneak in a new mix for you all. Gracias.



No, I am NOT retired…

Just a little something I cooked up to hold you over until I redo the site and drop about an hour’s worth of mixes this month. I’m gradually making my way back.

P.S. I don’t live in Denver anymore, so I have to update a bunch of stuff.

Denver’s Hottest Bar Crawlers ‘Bad Prom’ Bar Crawl Hitting up Pat’s Downtown 5/19

Bad hair, bad dresses, bad tuxedos…OH MY!

The DHBC crew invites you to their Bad Prom this Saturday 5/19. Starting at 9M the crew will be hitting up the following drinking establishments with your’s truly spinning and hosting the costume contest at Pat’s Downtown around 12:30:

9:00 Tavern

9:45 It’s Brothers

10:30 Double Daughters

11:30 Croc’s

12:30 Pat’s w/ DJ Stylee

There will be drink specials all night and, OF COURSE, the crowning of Prom King and Queen (at Pat’s)! And yes, crowns and tacky sashes are included. Click here to RSVP to their Facebook event.

*Must be in costume to receive drink specials*

*Crawlers must be 21+ with valid I.D.*


Denver’s Hottest Bar Crawlers ‘Assisted Living’ Bar Crawl Stopping by Pat’s Downtown 3/31

I’ve been a little out of pocket recently as I’ve been working on another big project but I wanted to give you all a heads up that they’ll be drinks specials all night at Pat’s this Saturday and a costume contest for your chance to WIN house cash and other awesome prizes. Check the link below for more details. And yes, the theme is ‘Assisted Living’ so bring your cataracs… this event is brought to you by Denver’s Hottest Bar Crawlers. BOOM.

Last Night Doing Pat’s Ladies Night

Well folks I think this is my last Ladies Night at Pat’s tonight. Going to concentrate on some of my grown up responsibilities. I’ll still be in the mix Saturday’s though.

Mix:30 Volume 2 Out NOW!

As promised and just in time for the Grammy/Walking Dead commercial breaks I present to you Mix:30 – About That Time Vol. 2.

Click on the link below to check out the tracks. Instructions on how to download each track are included as well.

It’s almost that time again. ‘Mix:30’ is finalized.

‘Mix:30 – About That Time’ is complete. About an hours worth of new mixes and 20 minutes of extras. Now I just got to get the art work taken care of by this Sunday. Hope you all enjoy it.’s Been Live & Direct for 2 Years! launched 2 years ago this month and it’s still and alive and kicking. I had no idea what I was going to do with the site and it’s evolved for sure, but I do know I always wanted to get my mixes out there as well as my opinions on all things music. Big ups to  everyone that’s ever visited the site and all my Facebook and Twitter followers.

I’m always trying to get better with not only my DJing but also with my design work. This is a great platform for me to receive feedback on both so be sure to drop a line if you have an opinion either way.

As a bonus, here’s a brief look at some of my headers over the years. I’ll try to add some of the older ones if I can find them. They were atrocious.