Mix:30 Volume 2 Out NOW!

As promised and just in time for the Grammy/Walking Dead commercial breaks I present to you Mix:30 – About That Time Vol. 2.

Click on the link below to check out the tracks. Instructions on how to download each track are included as well.


It’s almost that time again. ‘Mix:30’ is finalized.

‘Mix:30 – About That Time’ is complete. About an hours worth of new mixes and 20 minutes of extras. Now I just got to get the art work taken care of by this Sunday. Hope you all enjoy it.

Half way home to ATT…

Mix:30 – About That Time or as I’m lazily calling it ‘ATT’ is half way home. 3 mixes or about a half hour’s worth of tunage is ready to go. Don’t want to jinx myself but since I’m ahead of schedule I’ll have some more time to design the cover art. However, if you’re an inspiring designer [or even a good one 😉 ] I’ll gladly accept your assistance.

So far on the last 2 mixes I finalized I’ve got a little Dev, LMFAO, YC, Ludacris, Kat Deluna, Kanye, Twista, Rick Ross, and more. So far it’s looking like a fun one.

2.12.12 – half way home.

count it off for me Ms. Dev…

This is your 1st warning ya’ll … ATT is coming …

The intro/1st mix of the Mix:30 – ATT mixtape is complete. Has a little bit of everything. A little kid talking smack, Dorrough, Jay-Z, DMX, Minaj, MIA, Mos Def and more. Don’t worry, they’ll be some randomness sprinkled in.

2.12.12 here we come.

don't say I didn't give you a heads up...

Upcoming Mixtape Release Dates

It’s not quite Detox/Chinese Democracy level procrastination, or buzz for that matter, but Mix:30 Volume 1 – ‘About That Time’ is dropping 2.12.12 and my Jackson’s inspired mixtape ‘Too Many Jacksons’ drops 3.11/3.11 Day. Check back on here and DJStylee.com for details. Here’s a preview of ‘Too Many Jacksons’:

(You can tell I’ve been slacking since I created this back at the end of 2010)

DJ Stylee Medley Ft. Lupe/Kanye/Chiddy Bang/50 Cent/Mann

Medley style mix featuring Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Chiddy Bang, 50 Cent & Mann. Since I’ve been slacking on the music postings I’m going to bypass trying to be a producer and just record my club style mixes I use here in Denver.

Right click & ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Save Link As’ to Download -> DJ Stylee Club Mix Featuring Lupe, Kanye, Chiddy, 50Cent, Mann

‘Dream Theme (MLK)’ Ft. The Dream/Pitbull/LMFAO/Kanye West

Going to try to start churning out a party type mix every Friday, or at least in time for the weekend.  Started messing around with 4 decks on this one and this was more or less a freestyle session.

Right click & ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Save Link As’ to Download -> Dream Theme (MLK)

‘Smooth Thug’ Ft. 2pac/Michael Jackson

My birthday present to the late, great Tupac Shukar. This mix features 2 of the best that ever did it.

Right click & ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Save Link As’ to Download -> Smooth Thug

Mix:30 – Live Sessions OUT NOW

My live mixtape is FINALLY ready for your listening pleasure.  The digital version has 2 extra tracks and the CD I’ll be handing out at my events will have 7 tracks.  Check it out here!