‘Stunnin in the Moment’ Ft. Justin Bieber (Cash Money Remix)

Request #2 this week from Babs.  I didn’t feel ‘manly’ enough with just a Bieber medley so I thought on putting a Bieber track over a Cash Money track mixed in with some Camron track rap would alleviate my worries.

Like it? Download here -> Stunnin in the Moment

Justin Bieber Cash Money Mashups Mash-up Remix Traktor Denver DJ

‘Survival of the Greatest’ Ft. Mobb Deep/Bob Marley (The XX Remix)

A request from my homeboy JKeas. Shoutout to him for discovering The XX for me.

Like it? Download here -> Survival of the Greatest

Mobb Deep The XX Bob Marley Mashups Mash-up Remix Traktor Denver DJ