Made a Few Tweaks

What’s up, guys?

It’s been a minute since I’ve done anything DJ Stylee-related, but here we are. I’ve made a few tweaks to this site so it looks somewhat professional and reflects what I’m up to now days. I could easily make the site look legit, but since I’m not actively seeking gigs I don’t think it’s worth the time or the money. We’ll see if my mindset changes, but I’m pretty set in my ways as a Content Marketer/Sports Journalist.

I’m like thisclose to being fully retired, but if you have any gigs you think I’d be interested in, shoot them my way. I would need plenty of lead time since I don’t actively keep my library up to date and I’d prefer if the gig didn’t require me to haul my speakers over to the venue. I’m getting old guys. Haha.

I’m currently on a week-long vacation, so we’ll see if I can sneak in a new mix for you all. Gracias.


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