Happy Veteran’s Day You Maggots!

USA is dope because of the vet’s and I definitely want to give a shout out thanks to all of them. I will be bumping Hulk Hogan’s ‘Real American’ all day.

Give 'em thanks or you get the Cobra Clutch...

DJStylee.com Post: If I could only play some of this in the clubs…


Even when I'm off-duty I'm on duty 🙂

While activating some of my playlists on Spotify I noticed my Top Artists and Tracks lists look pretty dope. Now if I could only play some of this in the clubs without most of the club dying down or demanding I go back to mainstream music or having to hear the dreaded ‘music I can dance to’ line. I’m not going to lie though, I do sneak some of this in at the beginning and end of the night when I DJ. I even rock t-shirts of some of these artists when I spin to not only let people know I listen to good music but as ammo when overzealous club peeps come up to the booth asking for ‘real music’.

Anyways if you’re on Spotify and I’m friends with you check out some of my playlists, especially the ones I listen to while at the office for my day job. If you’re not Facebook friends with me go ahead and check out my Fan Page and I’ll shoot over some tracks.

DJStylee.com Post: Blake Street Tavern can’t let DJ Stylee go …

It’s pretty hilarious that I’ve haven’t spun at Blake Street Tavern since July but I’m still front and center on their homepage and even have a dedicated section on the site still (see image below).  Any club pub is good club pub, especially in competitive Denver.

Home Page: BlakestreetTavern.com 

Dedicated Club DJs Section: http://blakestreettavern.com/Dance-Club-Denver.php

Just can't let DJ Stylee go on their club night 😉

DJStylee.com Post: Kanye’d By The Bell Tumblr

I’ve got to give props to whoever put this together. Definitely brings back memories from back in the day and ties it together with Kanye-related lyrics.  Check the link out: http://kanyedbythebell.tumblr.com/

DJStylee.com Post: Louis Vuitton Don & Occupy Wall Street? Riiiight.

Pretty much the poster boy of self-indulgence and all things swag-tacular decided to show up and support those that ‘fervently denounce corporate greed and the drastic inequities of wealth in this country.’ Yeah that makes sense.  Come one Yeezy, stay out of this one.  I know you rap about your life sucking but you’ve at least got money.

VIP (in depressed auto-tune voice)